My boss gave me therefore the advice to aim me to you in this language. We can then use this article to bring our sites in other countries on the height.



As you will know a large problem in many companies is that they fill the well when the veal is drowned. For you this may be an open door but there are a lot of managers who only take measures after an accident has happened. Safety brings no money up they think.


In companies like that we often find a whole washing list of problems. The most important one is the statue that the management has of safety. For us safety professionals it is important to change this statue. We have to communicate about safety and that makes it even more important to speak liquid English because a lot of companies have managers out the outsideland. It is important to explain the moreworth of safety and why it is a good idea to have safety high in the banner. In the long period it saves money to work safe.


Accidents cost a lot of money foreall because the victim can stay long out the rolation. But managers must also realize themselves that you must always hold you on the arbolaw.

In this safety leave find you many articles over this. In the arbolaw stands that you must outfeed a RI&E. The risk that you find must you take away so that you only keep over the rest risks. To deal with these rest risks you must have companyhelpproviders who will de-emty the building when there is fire and who help the external helpproviders. You must also feed a good arbopolicy so that the labourers do not stand naked on bad labourcircumstances. In the first place the workgivers are responsible but also the worktakers have obligations. They must hold themselves on the mate rules that are forewritten. Good labourcircumstances forecomes that you get a so called steering fine but also give the company also a good out radiation.


I hope that you can use this piece to make the people in you organization conscious of safety. If your English is not so good as that from me: read and learn

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